Twisted Haiku

Haiku Like You've Never Experienced It Before

I Did My Research

  I did my research: Costs, features, and quality I bought the red one

Woman Not Allowed

  Women not allowed To captain in the navy So I turned pirate

I got an email

  I got an email From a psychic thanking me For joining next week

One Well Placed Bribe Skirts

  One well placed bribe skirts Countless acts of violence Corruption saves lives

When My Breath is Gone

  When my breath is gone Send bouquets of autumn leaves Death has its beauty

Golden Harp Only

  Golden harp only Sings obscure Swedish pop songs Jack regrets theft

Snow Geese Assembling

  Snow geese assembling On the fallow baseball field Ready for doomsday

If You Think Rowing

  If you think rowing Is hard in the ocean surf Try rowing on sand

Moments before death

  Moments before death She realized the medicine From Mom was poison

Dealer Known Only

  Dealer known only As “Caterpillar” caught in Magic mushroom bust